Why is Xin Yi your best choice for aluminum packaging tubes?

We focus on small-sized tubes

Xin Yi specializes in 8mm to 32mm aluminum collapsible tubes, with capacities ranging from 1.5 ml to 100ml. Tubes conform to international standards.

We offer OEM/ODM manufacturing

Xin Yi has its own production facilities and is able to provide competitive pricing and customized products.

All tubes are finely printed

Small-sized text can be printed clearly even on small tubes. Please request for samples. To see is to believe!

Tubes are made to meet your demands

Xin Yi provides technical supports and applies treatment to tubes based on your requirements.

Free Sample and Free Design

Evaluate samples before you place an order. Xin Yi offers graphic design to support your product development.

Optimized logistics solutions

Xin Yi is located in Guangzhou city, southern end of China, near the seaport and the airport to save your cost on logistics.

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