Aluminum collapsible tubes are one of the most common packaging solutions in cosmetic, health care, pharmaceutical, food and adhesive industries. They are ideal for packing low viscosity products, such as lotion, cream, ointment and adhesive. The tube collapses as the contents are squeezed out, effectively preventing suck back of air or contaminants and thus maximizes shelf life of product.


Aluminum collapsible tube is “collapsible”, effectively separating contents from air, moisture and contaminants. It is considered the most suitable option for highly perishable contents. Further, it can be recycled and is friendly to the environment in comparison to plastic tube.


Aluminum collapsible tubes are commonly used for packaging adhesive, cosmetics, healthcare, paints & ink, as well as industrial grease and lubricant products.



Adhesive Glue

Super glue (Cyanoacrylates), silicone sealant,  epoxy adhesive, rubber cement, PVC glue, neoprene adhesive, seam sealer, leather adhesive, resin


Nail glue, eyelash adhesive, mascara, eyeliner, lip balm, hair dye, hair dressing cream, cold cream


Toothpaste, hand cream, eye cream, foot cream, shaving cream, body lotion

Paints & Inks

Water colors, oil colors

Industrial Grease

Anti-seize grease, silicone grease, bearing grease, gear grease, brake grease, rubber grease, grease for plastic gears, lithium-based grease


Shoe polish, car body filler, plastic putty

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