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It Matters How Aluminum Collapsible Tubes Are Packed


To source aluminum collapsible tube overseas, it is not only the quality of tubes you should be paying attention to. The transportation arrangement is also essential. By transportation arrangement, I am not talking about the sea freight. I am talking about packaging.


As in many cases, tubes are likely to be shipped LCL (less than container load, for sea freight). It means the cartons will be loaded and unloaded for more times than that of full container load (FCL) goods during the whole process of transportation. We have almost no control over the loading process. We cannot expect the labor workers to move the cartons with good care.


This is a real case we came across recently. A client from New Zealand sent an inquiry to us, asking about the pricing of tubes. After he had agreed upon the pricing and everything, he expressed another concern. Previously he purchased empty tubes from another supplier in another country. “The tubes were packed so badly that we were unable to use many of the tubes. The cartons used were so soft that they crushed on the corners and could not stand up to the treatment of being shipped across the world.  About 30% of the tubes were damaged…. We will never deal with that company again.”


What good does it do if a tube supplier makes good quality tubes but fails to deliver them with dependable packaging? And just how hard is it to have the tubes get to their destination safe and sound? Tube suppliers who deliver across countries have to make sure that the packaging cartons are strong enough to protect tubes properly. The cartons should be strong enough to sustain minor bumping and collision that is by all means inevitable during transportation.


Xin Yi makes every effort to ensure hassle-free delivery within China and also overseas. We apply K=K 5-layer cartons with partitions for international shipping. These cartons have double “walls” to protect tubes from bumping, collision and also moisture. Clients can rely on Xin Yi for smooth shipping as well as good quality tubes.


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