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How to Determine the Quality of Aluminum Cosmetic Tube


Have you thought about having a healthcare/cosmetic brand of your own? Isn’t it wonderful to develop new products that are good for customers and also friendly to the environment? Not so many chemicals and artificial flavors any more as nowadays consumers are looking forward to change, change for the better.


Maybe you have put a lot of efforts coming up with your own formula of cream. Now the next big step is to source packaging material to hold the product. The importance of packaging cannot be overemphasized. With decent packaging (also good design and smart strategies), your products will look fabulous on the shelf and sell like hot cakes.


You want to have good quality packaging tubes to hold your product. You have searched on the internet to find a couple of tube suppliers that offer the specifications you expect. You have acquired samples from them in order to closely evaluate the tubes and confirm their quality. Here comes the puzzle: how does one evaluate the quality of tube? Here are some points to consider.


Once you have the tubes in hand, you want to test on them by filling your products into them.

1.    Are they in the right size? Do they have the expected capacity to hold your products?

2.    If the tubes are base-coated, is the surface smooth and coated evenly?

3.    If the tubes are printed, is the print quality satisfying?

4.    Are the tubes compatible with your filling machine? Is there anything to be adjusted to optimize the filling process?

5.    Can you fold and crimp the tubes properly without any problems?

6.    Observe the sealed tubes for any trace of leakage. This might take a few weeks to confirm.

7.    Squeeze out the content from the orifice of tube. Is it easy to squeeze? Can you screw the cap smoothly and keep the tube closed tightly?

8.    Last but not least, does the tube look good to you?


It seems overwhelming at first when it comes to choosing an ideal aluminum cosmetic tube for your new product. But it shouldn’t be. Go through the points above and confirm one by one. You will get the idea of determining the optimal tube from which the supplier is more reliable and can save you a lot of work. You will be in good shape.


Xin Yi is an aluminum manufacturer having more than 20 years of experiences in the business. Xin Yi can assist you with deciding on the tubes most suitable for your applications. For more information, please contact Xin Yi today!

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