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How to Determine the Capacity of Aluminum Packaging Tube


Have you thought of creating your own skin care product filled in aluminum packaging tubes? Be it hand cream or face cream, if you have already had product formula ready, the next step is to work on packaging design and also to find a tube supplier to carry it out.


It would take some efforts to create a unique and awesome design on tube, but it’s worth it. Great design helps you brand your product and significantly boost sales. You can create the design by yourself, but it is also a good idea to have someone do it for you.


It sounds like a daunting task to find a reliable tube supplier, but it doesn’t have to be. It is much easier than before to directly contact manufacturers or suppliers over internet. And it is not as overwhelming as imaged to choose the right one if you have certain requirements in mind.


Before you go and contact tube suppliers, you might want to determine the desirable capacity of your product. What is the proper capacity for one piece of your product? What capacity is desirable in terms of usefulness and pricing for your target consumers? Take an example. Will the hand cream product be in 30 ml, 50 ml, or 100ml? Should you decide that 30 ml is optimal, you have narrowed down the options.


Now it’s time to contact a tube supplier and determine the optimal dimensions of packaging tube for your product. Say for 30 ml, the suggested dimensions would be 22mm or 25mm in diameter. Which size is better?


It is a good idea to get some samples from the supplier to check on the quality. Also, it is recommended that you conduct test filling with sample tubes because the exact capacity varies depending on product formulation and filling machinery. By doing test filling you will see exactly what the packaged product looks like and can finalize the most desirable tube dimensions.


Aluminum   Collapsible Tube

Specification   Sheet

Fill   Volume

Suggested   Tube Size (diameter)

1-2   ml

8   mm, 9 mm, 10 mm

3-5   ml

11.6   mm, 12.5 mm, 13.5 mm

7-12   ml

13.5   mm, 16 mm

15-20   ml

19   mm

25-30   ml

22   mm

35-50   ml

25   mm

60-80   ml

30   mm, 32 mm

100-125   ml

32   mm

150-200   ml

35   mm, 40 mm

200-400   ml

50   mm

Data   compiled by Guang Zhou Xin Yi Enterprise Ltd.


Guang Zhou Xin Yi Enterprise Ltd is a tube supplier that manufactures empty aluminum packaging tubes in different sizes, mainly holding 3 ml to 100 ml. Custom printing and tube treating services are available to support your product idea and branding. Contact Xin Yi today and see what we can do for you: sales@tubenaire.net


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