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Does Your Aluminum Cosmetic Tube Need Internal lacquer?


Have you ever considered launching beauty products in your own brand? Say you have developed a unique formula of hand cream and you want to place it on the market. You want to package it in customized retail containers so that you can sell them in your local market or maybe over the internet. Thanks to the convenience of global sourcing, it is not difficult now to do all these as you can easily find suppliers who offer packaging services in or outside your country.


Although outsourcing makes things a lot easier, there are still details that you might want to pay attention as all details add up to product quality – your most concern. The best way is to work with qualified suppliers who really know what they are doing and can give you great advices along the way.


For example, hand cream products are commonly packaged in aluminum collapsible tubes. But do you know how tubes are made to offer optimal protection to hand cream? An experienced tube supplier will apply “internal lacquer’ to the inner wall of tube. This is an essential procedure in manufacturing high quality aluminum cosmetic tubes.


The metal aluminum has natural resistance to corrosion. Aluminum packaging tubes are good at preventing contents from direct contact with moisture, oxygen, light, UV rays and other potential contaminants in outer environment. Nonetheless, treatments on tube are also important in terms of enhancing the level of protection.


The application of internal lacquer gives the inner wall of tube a plain layer of highly flexible epoxy-phenolic resin. This special resin is in transparent brown/golden color, resistant to chemicals, water and solvent. As you can imagine, it should be non-reactive and non-toxic as it will be in constant contact with contents (e.g., hand cream). With internal lacquer, your cosmetic products will stay fresh and intact and has a longer shelf life.


As most cosmetic products are sensitive to moisture and oxygen, it is suggested that internal lacquer always be applied. The importance of proper lacquering cannot be overestimated. Guangzhou Xin Yi is a professional aluminum tube manufacturer, offering aluminum cosmetic tubes in different sizes. For further information, contact Xin Yi today!


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