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Common Applications of Aluminum Packaging Tubes


Not everyone is aware of it: packaging containers are everywhere as part of our daily life. Without containers, we will have immediate difficulty holding things together, especially those in liquid or viscous forms. Among the commonly used packaging materials in households, aluminum packaging tube is widely accepted as it has had a variety of applications.


Collapsible aluminum tube is suitable for filling low viscosity and thick liquids. Common tube capacities for households use range from 3 ml to 100 ml.  As aluminum tube is collapsible, contents can be squeezed out from tube in small amount at each time. The collapsibility of tube ensures that the remainder of contents is protected from contact with air, moisture or contaminants.


The most common application of collapsible aluminum tube is to fill adhesives and sealants. However, these tubes can also be used for filling products in health care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


Adhesives and Sealants: Chemicals with low viscosity, such as adhesive, glue, sealant and resin, can be filled and kept in aluminum packaging tubes. Recommended use includes silicone sealant, super glue, epoxy adhesive, neoprene adhesive, rubber cement, as well as leather and vinyl adhesive.


Grease and Lubricant: Collapsible aluminum tubes can be used for holding lubricant grease at consistency level (NLGI) 2 or 3. Small tube grease, from 3 ml to 30 ml, is easy to carry and use for consumers. Recommend use includes anti-seize copper grease, silicone grease and o-ring grease.


Cosmetics: Aluminum packaging tubes are ideal for holding cosmetic lotion, cream and gel. Recommend use includes hair dye colorant, nail glue, eyeliner and mascara.


Health Care: Collapsible aluminum tube has great air-tightness, effectively separating contents from air, moisture and contaminants from external environment. It is ideal packaging material for healthcare products, including toothpaste, hand cream, eye cream and foot cream.


Pharmaceuticals: Packaging tubes for medicine require more strict standards than those for general chemical paste. Aluminum tube is more preferred to plastic one when it comes to packaging medical cream and ointment.


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