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Collapsible Aluminum Tube -- Packaging Solution for Adhesive Glue


Collapsible aluminum tube as packaging material was invented as early as in 1841. According to Wikipedia, an American portrait painter John Goffe Rand invented this squeezable metal tube in order to better store his paints. Later on, these tubes have become one of the widely accepted packaging solutions in adhesive industries.


Collapsible aluminum tube is good for packing all kinds of low viscosity paste, such as vinyl glue, silicone sealant, epoxy adhesive, rubber cement, and general purpose sealant. Many adhesive and sealant products on the market are packed in these metal tubes in capacities between 5 ml to 90 ml. Collapsible aluminum tubes are favored because of a few advantages.


The compact size of aluminum tube makes it easy to carry the tube around. This container can be opened and closed repeatedly whenever you need it. The orifice at the tube opening is relatively narrow, allowing you to squeeze out adhesive and apply it effortlessly to intended area.


You might say that even plastic tubes can do the same thing. Yes, but here comes another advantage that only collapsible aluminum tubes can have. These metal tubes collapse as the contents are squeezed out, which effectively prevents suck back of air and moisture. The collapsibility that separates contents from the external environment is a main advantage of these aluminum containers over plastic ones. For adhesive sealants that are sensitive to air or moisture, the no-suck-back feature is a must as it ensures the adhesive products can be used and stored for a longer period of time.


Last, but not least important, aluminum is a recyclable material that is friendlier to the environment in comparison to its plastic counterparts.


Xin Yi is an aluminum collapsible tube manufacturer from China. Its factory is located in Guangzhou. Xin Yi’s clients are from different industries, including cosmetics, healthcare, adhesives & sealants, as well as industrial greases & lubricants. To acquire good quality tubes at reasonable price, please be sure to contact Xin Yi: sales@tubenaire.net.


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