Xin Yi provides consultancy on tube sizes and on capacities to help clients determine the optimal product dimensions.

You can pick a desired volume and determine the tube size.

Please note that the exact capacity varies depending on product formulation, density and filling machinery. Test filling of the actual product is suggested to determine the appropriate tube dimension.

Aluminum Collapsible Tube Specification Sheet

Fill Volume

Suggested Tube Size (diameter)

1-2 ml

8 mm, 9 mm

3-5 ml

10mm, 11.5 mm, 12.5 mm, 13.5 mm

7-12 ml

13.5 mm, 16 mm

15-20 ml

19 mm

25-30 ml

22 mm

35-50 ml

25 mm

60-80 ml

30 mm

80-100 ml

32 mm

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