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Aluminum Collapsible Tube, A Desirable Solution for Packaging


Aluminum collapsible tube is a widely adopted packaging solution for everyday chemicals. It is ideal for filling and storing low viscosity products, such as gel, glue, resin and cream. This squeezable metal tube, according to Wikipedia.com, was invented back in 1841 by Mr. John Goffe Rand, an American portrait painter, who intended to find a better way to store paints.

Nowadays, aluminum collapsible tubes are favored because of four main reasons.

First, the tube is leak proof and collapses as the contents are squeezed out, which effectively prevents suck back of air or contaminants. This can maximize shelf life of contents. The collapsibility that separates contents from the surrounding environment forms a protective barrier. No suck-back of air is a significant advantage of aluminum collapsible tubes over plastic tubes.

Second, aluminum is light in weight. The capacity of aluminum collapsible tube is relatively small, commonly between 3 ml to 150 ml, making it easy to distribute. The orifice can be re-closed tightly with a plastic screw cap. End-users would find it easy to carry around and to store for later use.

Third, aluminum collapsible tube can be used not only as a storage container but also as an applicator. With the narrow orifice at the end of the tube, it is easy to squeeze out the contents and apply them to intended area without taking extra tools.

Last but not least, the inner wall of tube can be coated with a layer of lacquer non-reactive to contents so that the contents can be kept intact and fresh. The surface of tube can be coated with a layer of resin, providing better protection from bumping and dent. The surface of tube is printable. Graphic design can be applied so as to enhance elegance and attractiveness.


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